Shane Houston is always my first choice, "go-to" ace whenever I need a graphic designer. I always know that Shane will deliver 1st-rate creative that will either solve our problems out of the gate, or get us to the next level. Recently I had a project working with an Academy-Award winning director on a proposal that needed a one-sheet and he was thrilled with Shane's work; Shane helped me look good, as I knew he would. Shane's incredibly talented and makes it all look easy. I recommend him whole-heartedly.

Shane Houston is the perfect creative partner when it comes to design and implementation. Wildly talented, driven, precise and collaborative, he always brings fresh ideas and unparalleled execution to his endeavors, and yours. He has done amazing work in both the print and VFX arenas for us and we could not be happier.

I love working with Shane! I was introduced to him when I was creating marketing materials for an independent feature film. I ended up hiring him for all my graphic work - main titles, end titles, trailer graphics, DVD art, and a variety of other graphic work. It’s always a true pleasure to work with Shane. He always delivers and delivers on time. He never fails to amaze me with the final product, always exceeding expectations. He has a mastery of graphic language and design that simply put, enables him to deliver beautiful art.

I have a very short list of designers who I know that I can drop into any situation, any timeframe, any level of complexity, and know will deliver every time. Shane is one of them. More important than his superb design abilities and lightning speed is the fact that he asks all the right questions before starting a project. Commercial design is all about solving a client’s objective. Beautiful and “hip” design is great, but is ultimately a failure if it doesn’t meet the client’s needs for a project. Shane completely understands this crucial distinction. So as a creative director, I know that when working with Shane, there’s no need for hand holding or much oversight, once you turn him loose, he delivers time and time again.

During post production of our feature film "Bitch Slap" it became apparent that due to the sheer volume of graphics and visual effects needed we would be required to find several different vendors to spread the massive amount of work between and all on a very low budget. After hiring a few different larger FX companies to work on several sequences I contacted Shane to see if he could pull off a few things for us. He delivered beyond our expectations and was not only fast , but created beautifully designed visual effects and graphics for us of a quality surpassing what a film of our budget could have reasonably hoped for. Consequently we kept coming up with more for him to do, which he did wonderfully and without hesitation. He was a great collaborative partner and his one-man show approach easily equaled or surpassed the work delivered to us by much larger companies.

I had the pleasure of working with Shane Houston at two different companies, and I would work with him again in a minute. He is easily one of the most imaginative, talented and intelligent designers I’ve collaborated with. Whatever direction I threw at him, no matter how vague or detailed, Shane delivered ideas and design that was always far beyond what I even dared to hope for. He’s one-of-a-kind, in the best possible way.

Shane Houston was an invaluable contributor to the "Universal's Cinematic Spectacular" project for Universal Orlando's theme park. Working with water as the medium, this project used the very latest in aqua technology that presented many graphic challenges that Shane met with a professional approach and in a timely manner. As the lead graphic designer, Shane showed innovative concepts thru the execution of the ever changing design process. I would recommend Shane for any large scale project that requires new cutting edge designs and timely execution.

Shane is an extremely versatile designer and animator. I have hired him for everything from glossy broadcast network campaigns to fine-art animation. He consistently delivers work that expands on and improves the brief. Laid back, but thoroughly professional, he is a natural collaborator and a joy to work with.

Shane has a spectacular knowledge of the design and arrangement of the shot, an understanding of special effects, the placement of the camera, lighting, budget, editing and most importantly the final finished product. The finished work and its subject matter can only gain importance in his style of directing. His work continues to prove that a knowledge and capacity to direct live actors can be combined with special effects to produce spectacular results. Shane's unshakeable stance of getting it right, delivering it on time and promoting and standing behind it fully is the envy of fellow directors and a producers joy.

Shane is a director whose care in preparing a project is second to none of all the directors I've worked with. His focus and clarity of vision ensure that during the shoot he is able to get exactly what he originally conceived; and his understanding of the elements of the craft outside of directing make his crew feel heard and appreciated when voicing their opinions. Shane is not afraid to challenge to his crew during production, and I've yet to walk away from a shoot day with Shane feeling like I wasn't a better cinematographer for it.